IR protocol analyzer

IR protocol analyzer is a universal application for automatic decoding several types of infrared remote control protocol packets. The application uses microphone input of a soundcard to capture infrared signal from a remote control. As a consequence, the hardware receiver is minimalistic and easy to build; just plug a phototransistor to input of your soundcard, that’s all hardware you need.

Application processes IR signal from a remote control and compares it with its own database of known protocols. When a match is found, packet is decoded and its characteristic is displayed to user (including protocol name, description, decoded data and graph with timing).

Protocol definitions are stored in separate XML file. This XML file can be easily modified and new protocol definitions can be added by user. When an unknown packet is captured, user may still display its graph with timing details. Then, on the basis of the graph and timing, he may create new protocol description.

IR protocol analyzer screenshot IR protocol analyzer - screenshot




You can use this program for free. If you find the program useful, please consider making a donation via PayPal.



Source code

Supported protocols:

See the Download section above for latest XML protocol definition file.

Any new XML protocol definitions are welcome, please send them to I will add your definition to new release of the protocol definition file.


Ondřej Staněk,
published: 20. 1. 2010
updated: 25. 1. 2012